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The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine was formed to bring integrative medicine to the forefront of animal healing. It was established by a group of leading veterinary doctors, who were concerned that more veterinarians were not fully aware of the benefits of alternative approaches to healing animals.

The mission of the Institute is to create resources to help educate veterinarians about holistic veterinary medicine. We do this through our website, the Institutes' collection of CDs on holistic treatments and our publication "The Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines."

As we move forward, the Institute's goal will be to continue to promote the benefits of natural medicine in support of conventional allopathic methods. To achieve this goal, we will continue to research new techniques and products so that veterinarians are able to offer the best possible treatments to animals - whether allopathic or natural.

The Institute’s Advisory Board includes some of the most well-respected veterinarians in the world. To learn more about their areas of special interest or to contact them, visit the Advisory Board page.
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