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Species affected: Dogs
Background: Degenerative myelopathy is an autoimmune disease similar to multiple sclerosis, causing inflammation of nerve sheaths in the spinal cord. It is most common in German shepherd dogs.
Symptoms: Progressive weakness and ultimately, paralysis.
Diagnostics: Rule out arthritis, tumors, spondylosis.
Special Notes: Exercise is an important part of slowing the process.
Principles for Supplementation: Natural support involves nutrients that aid neurological health as well as musculoskeletal health; many of the animals have advanced arthritis along with DM.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Aminocaproic acid

Dogs: 500 mg tid



Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Provides broad-spectrum nutritional neurological support; protects the myelin sheath.


Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb bid

Helps relieve pain associated with hind end weakness. †

M.F. Bromelain12

Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb bid or
tid (on empty stomach); keep in capsule

Degenerative myelopathy may be an immune-mediated disease; bromelain may suppress immune complex formation/deposition.

E400 Selenium26

Dogs: 1 tablet/50-90 lbs

Antioxidant recommended in Florida State University DM protocol. No added soy oil (a pro-oxidant). Selenium in high doses is toxic. Vitamin E can raise blood pressure and can increase coagulation time. Use less in case of heart failure or if animal is on digoxin. Always use with vitamin C.


Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb bid
(give between meals)

Plant sterols help modulate immune system.

Small Animal

Dogs: 2 capsules/25 lb sid

Antioxidants may slow progression of the disease as anti-inflammatory, free radical scavengers.

Super EPAVET12 or
Omega PlusVET12

Dogs: 1-2 gelcaps/25 lb sid

Anti-inflammatory; EFAs support the integrity of the myelin sheath.

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