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Species affected: Dogs, Cats (rare)
Background: Idiopathic epilepsy is common in dogs, extremely uncommon in cats (in cats, it is usually associated with neurologic complications or infectious diseases—viral diseases such as FeLV or FIP or toxoplasmosis). The seizures are not necessarily harmful, especially if they are not frequent or of long duration, but they may indicate the presence of a more serious illness.
Symptoms: Spastic convulsions and seizures. The episodes are usually of short duration and there may or may not be a detectable pattern.
Diagnostics: Diagnosis should include a full range of tests to determine if other diseases co-exist with the condition.
Special Notes: In dogs, hypoallergenic diets can be very helpful.

Principles for Supplementation: Natural treatments involve supplying nutrients known to aid neurologic health


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Ketogenic diet


In children, ketogenic diets used successfully to control seizures.

Magnesium Citramate12

Cats: ˝ capsule sid
Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Anticonvulsant activity; empirically helpful on occasion.

Small Animal

Cats: 1 capsule sid
Dogs: 2 capsules/25 lb sid

Empirically helpful; may have anti-inflammatory activity if
there is irritation of meninges.

Tian Ma Gou Teng

Cats: 2 pills bid or tid
Dogs: 2-4 pills bid or tid

Calms liver wind, disperses stagnant heat and blood.

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