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Background: Anemia generally occurs secondarily to chronic diseases rather than from a specific deficiency in nutrients. Causes can be congenital, as well as infectious, traumatic, degenerative (especially renal failure), toxic, and possibly nutritional deficiencies
Symptoms: Lack of energy may be a presenting sign. However, it is often detected while working up a case for another problem without specific symptoms.
Diagnostics: If anemia is found, a complete diagnostic workup should be done to determine the cause. Most anemia has an underlying chronic disease as the cause.
Special Notes: Anemia in horses is rarely due to iron deficiency, though many veterinarians are still treating this condition with iron supplementation.
Principles for Supplementation: General nutritional supplementation is helpful while treating any other chronic disease that is present. Chinese herbal treatments can help strengthen the blood and correct anemia in many cases. The underlying cause should be identified and further treated with the proper nutrients.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Enhance Life14

4 tsp bid

Builds Qi and Blood. Chinese.

Rush Creek Minerals1

Free choice

Supplies trace minerals and macro minerals.

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