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Symptoms: Lesions tend to be circular, with grayish flakes present. Pruritis can be intense, or may not be present.
Diagnostics: Fungal culture, especially from hair follicles pulled from the edges of the lesions.
Special Notes: In horses this condition tends to be an acute problem and is generally easier to manage than in the small animals; however, it can be very infectious and travel through a barn rapidly on shared equipment.
Principles for Supplementation: Support for the immune system is important in these patients.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:


3-4 scoops sid

Enhances the immune system, supplies bioactive proteins, immunoglobulins and peptides.


6-8 tabs or ?-˝ tsp granules sid for 3-5 days

Homeopathic that helps clear the immune system of fungus, only need to give it for a week or so, if not working, need other treatments.

Fractionated PectinVET Powder12

3-8 scoops sid

Galactose residues help prevent foreign cells from attaching to tissue, enhances immune function.

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