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Background: Keeping horses in confinement, away from natural grass and forage, as well as feeding large quantities of sweet feed with molasses, all increase stress levels, as well as decrease the natural correct digestive processes. Ulcer formation has become a common problem in many barns.
Symptoms: Poor coat, unthrifty, poor performance, lack of energy, grumpy attitude, and discomfort with girthing.
Diagnostics: Endoscopy is the definitive diagnostic technique, though you can safely begin treatment with nutritives based on history and physical exam.
Special Notes: The best correction is turn-out into a grassy pasture for a minimum of 12 hours per day. However, if that cannot be achieved, the use of supplementation and herbs is helpful..
Principles for Supplementation: Support gastrointestinal function, improve digestion, soothe GIT lining.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Hilton Digest Plus2

1-2 scoops, sid

Provides beneficial bacteria to repopulate the intestinal flora.

Jade Lady3

15 gm, bid

Moderate to severe gastric ulcers, nourishes Stomach Yin, clears heat.

L-GlutamineVET Powder12

3-10 scoops sid

Helps heal intestinal tract, protects feet from endotoxins.


6-10 mL sid

Adaptogenic herbs, support the immune system, adrenals, reduces stress, helps horses adapt to stress.

Hilton Digest Support2

As directed by weight

Soothes GIT, helps correct the acid balance.


5 mL bid

Corrects pH balance, favoring beneficial bacteria.

Slippery Elm13,26

20 grams, bid

Aids in healing the intestinal wall.


1 scoop bid

Down-regulates the pro-inflammatory substances, tumor necrosis factor, alpha (TNF-a) and nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-?B), supports normal intestinal function.

Stomach Happy6

15 gm bid

For mild gastric ulcers; nourishes Yin, moves Qi, relieves pain.

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