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Background: Any system may be affected.
Symptoms: Any system may be affected.
Diagnostics: As needed for presenting signs.
Principles for Supplementation: Basic nutritional supplementation and antioxidants.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

ABC’s Plus1

2 oz bid

Supplies vitamins, minerals, and support for healthy GIT micro-organisms.

Equine Qi Tonic14

4 tsp bid

Regulates the immune system, protects from bacterial and viral diseases, especially upper respiratory infections.

Noni fruit6,15

powder: 3-4 tsp bid fruit leather: 2-4 two-inch square pieces sid

Source antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids.

Enhance Life14

4 tsp bid

Helps the overall metabolism of older horses, improves weight and energy level.

Chia Booster (chia seeds)19

1 scoop bid

Stabilizes membranes, source omega 3 fatty acids.

Flax/Hemp Oil

3 tbsp sid

Anti-inflammatory; stabilizes cellular membranes.


2 scoops bid

Source of naturally occurring bioactive proteins–IGG and peptides, modulates gut barrier function and inflammatory cytokine production, and improves immunity.

Vitamin C with Flavonoids12

8-16 capsules sid

Supports the immune system.


6-12 capsules sid

Is a cofactor for dozens of enzymes involved in detoxification, provides hepatic support and improves pulmonary health, immune function, bowel health, carbohydrate metabolism, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and eye health.


6-10 mL sid

Adaptogenic herbs, support the immune system, adrenals, reduces stress, helps horses adapt to stress.


3-4 scoops sid

Herbs to support the older horse's digestion, liver and kidney function, respiration, circulation/heart and mobility.

Barlean’s Greens (or other green food powder from health food store)

2-5 scoops sid

Provides nutrients from fresh greens, especially to horses kept in stalls or on limited grass.


Background: Decrease in viscosity and loss of lubricative effect of the joint fluid, calcium deposits on the articular ends of bones as well as in the soft tissue of the joint capsule and ligaments.
Symptoms: Pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion, generally worse upon arising or in cool weather; improves with movement, but in some cases worsens with exercise; bony growths visible.
Diagnostics: Physical examination, radiographs, ultrasound.
Special Notes: It may be necessary to address the origin of the problem as well as supporting the healing process. Causes may include familial predisposition, poor conformation, weakening of the ligaments and tendons, injury to the joint, poor-quality food, autoimmune conditions, allergies and "leaky bowel syndrome." In some horses on long-term supplementation, it may be advisable to change types of products periodically (yearly) to enhance the health of the joints in a variety of ways, especially if the response to one product is only moderate.
Principles for Supplementation: Anti-inflammatory, nourish the joint.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:


1 scoop bid

Down-regulates the pro-inflammatory substances, tumor necrosis factor, alpha (TNF-a) and nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-?B), supports normal joint function.

Limber Up14

4 tsp bid

Arthritis and stiffness, especially that worsens in cold and damp weather.

J-Flex Concentrate7

2000-4000 mg sid

Supports joint function.

Equinyl Combo9

3 scoops sid for 10 days, then 2 scoops sid

Glucosamine, chondroitin (can get with hyaluronic acid also), supports joint function, contains Vitamin C for synthesis of proteoglycans and collagen.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin12

6-10 capsules sid for 4 weeks, reduce to 4-8 capsules sid or as needed

This combination stimulates the production of cartilage cells while inhibiting destructive enzymatic action on those cells.

Hilton Multi-Flex2

10-40 mL sid, depends on size of horse



½ oz sid

Hyaluronic acid reduces inflammation in joints, lubricates.

Noni IcyHeat15

Topical application to sore joints, as needed

Improves circulation, relieves pain. Use caution on front legs to prevent horse getting into eyes. Warming formula contains camphor. Can test positive.

Flax/Hemp Oil

3 tbsp sid

Anti-inflammatory; stabilizes membranes.

Chia Booster (chia seeds)19

1 scoop bid

Stabilizes membranes, source Omega 3 fatty acids.

Soreness Salve5

Topical application to sore joints, as needed

Improves circulation, relieves pain.



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