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Background: It is postulated that running at high speeds increases pulmonary pressures; this, combined with weakened blood vessels, causes vessels to rupture. Airway irritation and subclinical airway disease may also contribute to the syndrome.
Symptoms: Bleeding seen on endoscopic exam, post-exercise; in severe cases, bleeding seen at the nostrils.
Diagnostics: Endoscopic exam, history of poor race performance.
Principles for Supplementation: Strengthen blood vessels, decrease reactive airway disease.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Pure Ascorbic Acid One Gram12

5-10 grams sid

Helps strengthen connective tissue.

Dry Airways14

4 tsp bid

May help prevent bleeding from the lungs during high-speed sports by helping dry, irritated airways.

Hilton Haemastop Gold2

15-20 mL bid

Herbs to help maintain integrity of blood vessels.

Red Lung3

15 grams bid

Clears heat from the lungs.

Single Immortal3

50-60 grams bid, 3 days before race and 3 days after competition

Helps prevent bleeding from the lungs.

Bleeders Blend18

1-2 oz sid

Helps nourish and strengthen lung tissue.


10-15 capsules sid

Nutrients may help strengthen connective tissue and blood vessels.

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