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Background: The herpes virus in the horse makes up a portion of the respiratory complex of viral agents and is responsible for a large number of respiratory infections. The neurologic form appears to occurring with more frequency, and can result in death.
Symptoms: Usually include a fever, nasal discharge, with or without ocular discharge, malaise, cough and swollen lymph nodes. In many cases the signs are mild and self-limiting. The herpes complex is also responsible for a late abortion.
Diagnostics: A rising titer in paired samples can confirm an active infection.
Special Notes: Crowding and unsanitary conditions are conducive to spread of herpes as well as any decrease in normal immune function.
Principles for Supplementation: Natural support helps remove the virus and enhance the health of the immune system.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:


2 scoops bid

Source of naturally occurring bioactive proteins–IGG and peptides, modulates gut barrier function and inflammatory cytokine production, and improves immunity.

Equine Qi Tonic14

4 tsp bid

Regulates the immune system, protects from bacterial and viral diseases, especially upper respiratory infections.

Equine Yin Qiao3

50 gm bid

Antiviral; clears heat toxin.


20-30 grams sid

Supports immune system in presence of the herpes virus.

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