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Background: Musculoskeletal pain or low-level chronic disease (especially respiratory disease) is common behind poor performance.
Symptoms: Not performing to expectations in the sport.
Diagnostics: Rule out other forms of chronic disease.
Special Notes: In many cases, the primary problem must be addressed before supplementation will help, unless pain management is implemented simultaneously.
Principles for Supplementation: Remove respiratory symptoms and increases joint mobility, along with decreasing joint pain. Support general health and digestion.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Enhance Life14

4 tsp bid

Increases Qi and Blood, tonifies kidney yang, enhances energy levels and performance.

ABC Plus1

4 oz sid

Provides trace nutrients.

Move Freely14

4 tsp bid

Moves Blood, expels Wind, clears chronic pain in muscles.

Limber Up14

4 tsp bid

Arthritis and stiffness, especially that worsens in cold and damp weather.

Dry Airways14

4 tsp bid

May help prevent bleeding from the lungs during high-speed sports by helping dry, irritated airways.

Wet Airway14

4 tsp bid

If dry cough (COPD) is present, improves airway function.

Rush Creek Minerals1

Free choice

Provides beneficial minerals.

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