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Background: The main categories of traumatic damage are fractures, sprains, dislocations, hemorrhage, bruising, concussion, severed nerves, torn ligaments and tendons, ruptured muscles, diaphragm, or organs.
Symptoms: Vary, depending on the system involved; can be mild to severe.
Diagnostics: Diagnosis should not be limited to the obvious signs of problems but include all the organ systems and areas of the body that may have been injured.
Special Notes: None.
Principles for Supplementation: Natural treatment relieves inflammation and provides nutrients for the repair of tissues.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:

Hilton Releaf2

10-15 mL, sid

Provides anti-inflammatory herbs.

Inflammation Salve5

Topical application

For acutely inflamed area(s); relieves pain, circulates qi, cools heat.

M.F. Bromelain12

2-4 capsules bid to tid



8-12 capsules sid

Provides nutrients for epithelial and collagen repair.

Soreness Salve5

Topical application

Improves circulation, relieves pain, use in secondary stages of healing where stiffness is present but heat and swelling gone.

Arnica 30C, or 200C10

6-8 pellets, ⅓-½tsp granules

Homeopathic for bruising, inflammation, pain, swelling.

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