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To save you time and effort (so you can get back to healing your animals), we at The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine have taken steps to identify the best of the integrative medicine web pages and research links to keep you current on relevant, cutting—edge research and the latest news in veterinary integrative medicine.


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The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine is committed to helping you keep current on the leading periodicals in integrative veterinary medicine. Our staff diligently searches for the latest knowledge in the marketplace and then updates our database on our website so you have the information you need when you need it. The following is a categorized listing of most of the main alternative medicine sites and information resources on the internet. It is not intended to be fully comprehensive and includes many human medical sites, since they contain very useful resources. Many of these websites provide hyperlinks to other related resources so that it is possible to access much more from just a few key sites.



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