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Species affected: Cats, Dogs (primarily recognized in dogs)
Background: The condition is primarily a culmination of exposure to a lifetime of irritants, pollution and a long-term diet of poor-quality food, inadequate minerals, nutrients or vitamins.
Symptoms: Confusion, loss of training, disorientation; may appear depressed. There is often a decreased ability to see or hear as well which adds to the disability.
Diagnostics: History; rule out liver, kidney and other internal diseases that may be the primary problem.
Special Notes: Animals living in an environment without adequate mental stimulation, companionship or exercise are also likely to develop early dementia.
Principles for Supplementation: Ingredients known to support cognitive function combined with antioxidants and general nutritional support.


Formulas: Dosage: Mechanism/Purpose:


1 capsule per 20 lb bid or 1 scoop per 20 lb bid

Supports healthy memory and cognitive functions.


Cats: ¼ tablet, bid
Dogs: ¼ tablet/25 lbs, bid

Antioxidant effects result in enhanced nerve impulse transmission and repair of damaged neurons.

Canine Geriatric Basics12

Dogs: 1 capsule/25 lb sid

Canine specific; contains nutrients to support cognitive function, including acetyl-L-carnitine, phosphatidylserine, and choline.

E400 Selenium26

Cats: ¼ tablet sid
Dogs: ¼ tablet/25 lb sid

Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Vitamin E and Selenium are synergistic. Selenium in high doses is toxic. Vitamin E in high doses can raise blood pressure and can increase coagulation time. Do not exceed recommended dose. Use less in case of heart failure or if animal is on digoxin.


Cats: ¼-½ tab bid
Dogs: ½-2 tablets bid or tid

Combination of Chinese herbs rich in flavonoids and Salvia; promotes capillary growth and function.


Cats: ½ capsule sid
Dogs: 2 capsules/25 lb sid

Enhances cognitive function.

Small Animal

Cats: 1 capsule sid
Dogs: 2 capsules/25 lb sid

Balanced antioxidant formula.


Cats: ¼ capsule sid
Dogs: ¼ capsule/25 lb sid

Stimulates production of alpha waves by brain, modifies neurotransmitters involved in attention and memory.


Cats: ¼ gelcap sid
Dogs: ¼ gelcap/25 lb sid

Balanced forms of Vitamin E. No added soy oil (a pro-oxidant and allergen); antioxidant.

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